Projects, past and present

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This page is meant to serve as a dumping ground for the various projects I’ve gotten up to over the years. I do plan to list the most immediately-interesting stuff first; it gets gradually less interesting as you go down the page.

Most recent work

Recently I’ve been doing most of my public-facing work on GitHub. I’m a fairly fresh new graduate, and never put much thought into working on actually-useful-to-others things until I finished up my degree. My most starred repositories unsurprisingly happen to be my most recent.

Smaller edits

Quickstart edits

I fork a lot of repos on GitHub to mess around with.

I’ve fallen into the habit of writing Quickstart sections for anyone in the future who wants to just dive in and start messing with them. The ideal I aspire to is always the same: Someone with no knowledge of the project’s local ecosystem should be able to (1) copy my Quickstart code, (2) run it, and (3) be able to get the code to start working, ideally with an example.

Here is a list of some projects I’ve done this with. I do not guarantee this is the only change I made to them (if they remain un-Pull Requested, there’s a good chance I actually touched the code as well):

Projects I wish got more attention